Game Research @ DiGRA 2024

The yearly international confernce of the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) was held in Guadalajara, Mexico from 1-5 July, and members from the Utrecht Center for Game Research were present to present their current work.

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15-07-2024 // Events // Criticism and Analysis

“Hacking Board Games” Workshop at RMeS 2024 Summer School

Concluding the RMeS Summer School 2024: Environmental Media, Laura op de Beke and Stefan Werning of the Utrecht Game Lab organised a workshop for RMA students to facilitate ecological thinking by redesigning (or: ‘hacking’) board games. 

dr. Stefan Werning, dr. Laura op de Beke
14-07-2024 // Events // Criticism and Analysis

Fostering an Open Mind – First Test of WP2

On June 7th 2024, the Fostering an open mind and open attitude in higher education using games and art-based educational activities (Open Mind) project ran an initial play test of the first two components of Work Packet 2 (WP2), a toolbox to aid students in building games that deal with often complex and polarizing topics in an approachable manner.

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12-06-2024 // Insights, Longread, News // Games Beyond Entertainment

In the media: René Glas in NPO Radio 1’s De Nacht van…

Game researcher René Glas was interviewed by presenter Benji Heerschop on Dutch national radio channel NPO Radio 1 to talk about games within our contemporary society.

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04-06-2024 // In the media, Interview // Criticism and Analysis

Playing the Hidden Curriculum

Playing the Hidden Curriculum: Exposing, materializing and questioning the unwritten rules of higher education is a research project that aims to adress the unwritten social and cultural rules in education, so that the UU will foster its education in a more social and inclusive way.

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31-05-2024 // Education, Insights, News // Games Beyond Entertainment, Multi theme, Social Games and Play

Meet the Makers: Daniela Tenenbaum and “In Touch”

Our colleagues from the Transmission in Motion hybrid research community are organizing another Meet the Makers session, this time focusing on the IMPACT exhibition In Touch. It’s an exhibition which should be interesting for those exploring the potential of playful media.

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13-05-2024 // Events, News // Extended Realities (AR/VR/XR), Games Beyond Entertainment

Two Assistant Professors in Screen Media

The department of Media and Culture Studies has published two job openings for Assistant Professors which might be interesting for those engaged in research fields related to games and play: Screen Media.

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06-05-2024 // Jobs // Extended Realities (AR/VR/XR), Games and Sustainability

Franchise Hacking – Magic: the Gathering

'Franchise hacking’ within Magic: The Gathering (MtG) means to creatively alter game elements to embed urgent real-world ecological narratives into the game’s design.

drs. Timo Fluitsma
19-04-2024 // Insights // Games and Sustainability, Games Beyond Entertainment, Social Games and Play

“Beavers don’t walk on roads”: Beaver-play for more-than-human cartographies

In this paper, Laura op de Beke, Linas Kristupas Gabrielaitis, Oğuz ‘Oz’ Buruk,Velvet Spors, and Ferran Altarriba Bertran introduce the notion of beaver-play to understand play that challenges spatial conventions, transgresses boundaries, and redraws territories.

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05-04-2024 // Insights, Publications // Criticism and Analysis, Games and Sustainability
Member of classical music orchestra playing violin on a concert or recording session

Book Launch: Four Ways of Hearing Video Game Music – Dr. Michiel Kamp

Please join us to celebrate the publication of Michiel Kamp’s Four ways of Hearing Video Game Music, published with Oxford University Press, 2024.

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22-02-2024 // Books, Events // Criticism and Analysis