Research Projects

Current Projects


The Vidi research project ANTICIPLAY looks at how the participatory designing of games can help conceive and frame current systems of governance and their sustainability challenges, as well as future governance alternatives, to develop a new ground-breaking methodological approach – game co-design for anticipatory governance. For the project blog, go to

Game On!

GAME ON! is a research project, financed by a NWO Museum Grant, which ran between 2016 and 2017 at the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision (Beeld en Geluid), in collaboration with the Center for Game Research. The central research question was: "How can computer games be archived and presented in a museum context in a sustainable manner?" The main project page can be found here.

Games for Health

Green Media

“Green Media" seeks to contribute to the understanding of the interconnectedness of media representations, media use, media impact, and media technologies in regards to addressing the climate crisis and imagining sustainable futures. For more info, see the project site here.

KIEM GoCI - Digital Literacy Games

The research project "Digital Literacy Games" (2021-2023) is a collaboration between researchers from Erasmus University and Utrecht University. The focus is on understanding the value of the use of digital games designed to support digital literacy skills acquisition. It was funded by Regieorgaan SIA (NWO).



STRATEGIES — Sustainable Transition for Europe’s Game Industries — is a Horizon Europe funded project that supports Europe’s game industries in realising their potential as drivers of sustainable innovation, contributing to achieving the goals of the European Green Deal and delivering an economy that works for people. For the project site, see here.

Utrecht Game Lab

With the Utrecht Game Lab, we understand game-making as a form of rhetoric, of participating in public discourse through the ‘language of games’, and co-designing existing games and game franchises as a form of ‘response’ to the ideas and ideologies put forth in commercial games. For more info, see


Virtual Reality as Empathy Machine

This NWO project “Virtual Reality as Empathy Machine: Media, Migration and the Humanitarian Predicament” makes an intervention into the field of VR for humanitarian communication by evaluating the potentialities and pitfalls of immersion and empathy through technological innovation. For more, see here.

Completed Projects