How to contribute

A step-by-step explanation on how to publish on this website.


1. Login using your standard UU-credentials

The first time you login, the site will automatically create an account for you.

2. Contact a member of the Editorial Board

Any member will upgrade your account to Author.

Creating a post

1. Add a new post

Choose Post from “+ New” in the top menu.

2. Add the Header

This is the title of your post. Keep it concise, one sentence.

3. Upload or choose an image

Either choose from the existing images or upload your own and add descriptions. Landscape usually works better. This picture will also be featured on the frontpage.

3 B. Optional: set the picture size

You can set the way the picture is being shown in the post.

4. Write or copy-paste text

Every block is a paragraph. You usually edit a whole paragraph at the time.

5. Set Lead paragraph

Set the first paragraph to ‘Lead paragraph’ in the right hand side settings bar (choose ‘Block’)

6. Marking up your text

You can set a block to a standard paragraph, a header, a quote or a list. The last option is best used whilst selecting multiple paragraphs that need to be included in the list.

7. Adding new blocks

Hover between two paragraphs and click the plus-button. You can add a standard paragraph, a header, a quote or a list.

8. Set the following data:

Set the following data in the Post settings of the same right hand side box:

1. Categories

Choose one category.

2. Tags

Optional, but recommended.

3. At least either one Discipline or one Theme

Together with Research Projects, these are the main axes along which the content is being presented on the frontpage. In a lot of cases both are applicable and may be selected. If multiple Themes are applicable (for instance with events about game research in general), please choose Multi Theme. This prevents a single post from taking over multiple frontpage slots.

4. Research

Optional, if this post is about singular research. If your research is not yet in the list, please contact a member of the editorial board.

5. Research Project

Optional, but mostly recommended. Choose the applicable Research Project. If your project is not yet in the list, please contact a member of the editorial board.

6. Excerpt

(important! This text will feature on the frontpage, otherwise the system just takes the first paragraphs, which mostly doesn’t work well)

7. Set the following Meta Data below the post:


The person(s) who need to be credited for this post, which can differ from the people actually posting. Editorial Team is the option when this information is not relevant.

Add a new person if they are not in this list.


When this article is ABOUT one or more researchers, add them here. For instance: a post about a book launch event will mostly be credited to ‘Editorial Team’, but the book authors will be mentioned as ‘Researcher(s)’. This allows researchers to post about their own work, even when it is not desirable to appear as the author of that post (for instance, announcing a new book or an award –in those cases you can use Editorial Team as author and the people involved as Researchers).

NOTE: Authors and Researchers share the same collection of bio’s. You only need to add a person once.

Quick Checklist

  • Header
  • Image
  • Lead Paragraph
  • Excerpt
  • Theme or Discipline
  • Research Project
  • Authors and/or Researchers