Gameresearch.nl is the central hub for disseminating high-quality game research from the Utrecht Center for Game Research at Utrecht University to a diverse audience that includes academics, students, game developers, and journalists.

Published by Utrecht University.

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Editorial Board

To reach the editorial board, please direct your emails to gameresearch@uu.nl.

The following researchers are the administrators and editors of Gameresearch.nl:

dr. René Glas

René Glas is an assistant professor of New Media and Digital Culture, specializing in digital games and game culture. His work focuses on games and media literacy, games and paratextuality, gaming history, participatory culture, and play as method.

Contact: r.glas@uu.nl

dr. Jasper van Vught

Assistant professor at the Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University, also specializing in game studies. His focus is on game theory and methodology, video game ethics, and the history and preservation of games as art forms.

Contact: j.f.vanvught@uu.nl

dr. Sander Bakkes

Sander Bakkes is an Assistant Professor in Game Design and Playful Learning. His research & teaching connects design-, psychology-, and technological disciplines. Currently he focuses his research on the positive effects of play on (mental) health.

Contact: s.c.j.bakkes@uu.nl

dr. Julian Frommel

Julian Frommel is an assistant professor in the Interaction/Multimedia group. He is interested in the design and implementation of interactive digital systems that provide enjoyable, meaningful, safe, and healthy experiences for users. In one research line, he addresses hate in online games. His research also investigates how interactive systems can help mitigate their negative outcomes in adaptivity and intervention approaches.

Contact: j.frommel@uu.nl