Authors and researchers

dr. Stefan Werning

Stefan Werning is an Associate Professor for Digital Media and Game Studies at Utrecht University, where he co-coordinates the focus area Game Research and organizes the annual summer school Multidisciplinary Game Research.

dr. Laura op de Beke

Assistant professor of interactive media, screens, and interfaces; background in literary studies and game studies.

drs. Timo Fluitsma

As a faculty member at Utrecht University, my academic journey began with a focus on theatre education, and later evolved into a specialisation in new media and green media, with a particular emphasis on game research. Currently, I'm teaching theatre, new media and storytelling courses.

Prof. dr. Joost Raessens

Prof. dr. Joost Raessens holds the chair of Media Theory at Utrecht University. His research focuses on the understanding of how green media contribute to ecological thought.

dr. Joost Vervoort

Joost Vervoort is Associate Professor of Transformative Imagination in the Environmental Governance Group at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development. His research focuses on how different imaginations of the future connect to action in the present.

dr. Sander Bakkes

Sander Bakkes is an Assistant Professor in Game Design and Playful Learning. His research & teaching connects design-, psychology-, and technological disciplines. Currently he focuses his research on the positive effects of play on (mental) health.

dr. Julian Frommel

Julian Frommel is an assistant professor in the Interaction/Multimedia group. He is interested in the design and implementation of interactive digital systems that provide enjoyable, meaningful, safe, and healthy experiences for users. In one research line, he addresses hate in online games. His research also investigates how interactive systems can help mitigate their negative outcomes in adaptivity and intervention approaches.

dr. René Glas

René Glas is an assistant professor of New Media and Digital Culture, specializing in digital games and game culture. His work focuses on games and media literacy, games and paratextuality, gaming history, participatory culture, and play as method.  

dr. Jasper van Vught

Assistant professor at the Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University, also specializing in game studies. His focus is on game theory and methodology, video game ethics, and the history and preservation of games as art forms.

dr. Michiel Kamp

Michiel Kamp is Assistant Professor of Musicology at the Department of Media and Culture Studies. His research takes hermeneutic and semiotic approaches to music in video games and related audiovisual media such as films and virtual reality, and attempts to categorize and characterize the different ways in which soundtracks operate.

dr. Floris Schuiling 

Floris Schuiling is a musicologist specialising in the study of musical performance. His work focuses on how musicians interact with technology in their creative process, and how such small-scale interactions are shaped by larger cultural and historical developments.

Kyle Thompson

Laura McManamon MSc

Carien Moossdorff

Dennis Jansen MA

Dennis Jansen (he/him) was awarded a ‘PhDs in the Humanities’ grant by NWO for the project ‘The Becoming-Playful of Warfare in the Netherlands’ (2021–2025). His research focuses on playful media/military technologies, such as drones, serious games and simulators, and the mobilization of play in the Dutch military-innovation complex.

dr. Michiel de Lange

dr. Imar de Vries

dr. Sybille Lammes

dr. Ingrid Hoofd

dr. Zerrin Yumak

dr. Roland Geraerts

Roland Geraerts is assistant professor at the Virtual Worlds group in the Department of Information and Computing Sciences, Faculty of Science, Utrecht University. There, he obtained his PhD on sampling-based motion planning techniques. His current research focuses on path planning and crowd simulation in games and virtual environments. He is one of the co-founders of the annual Motion in Games conference.