Two Assistant Professors in Screen Media

The department of Media and Culture Studies has published two job openings for Assistant Professors which might be interesting for those engaged in research fields related to games and play: Screen Media.

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06-05-2024 // Jobs // Extended Realities (AR/VR/XR), Games and Sustainability

Franchise Hacking – Magic: the Gathering

'Franchise hacking’ within Magic: The Gathering (MtG) means to creatively alter game elements to embed urgent real-world ecological narratives into the game’s design.

drs. Timo Fluitsma
19-04-2024 // Insights // Games and Sustainability, Games Beyond Entertainment, Social Games and Play
Seeds of Resistance

STRATEGIES: Sustainable Transition for Europe’s Game Industries

Learn everything you need to know about STRATEGIES , the recently started research project, spearheaded by Utrecht University.

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14-04-2024 // Insights // Games and Sustainability

All Rise — an inappropriately joyous game about fighting for the planet

"We’re clashing Phoenix Wright, Disco Elysium and narrative deck building with the ecological crisis — to help fund real court cases."

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10-02-2024 // Insights, News // Games and Sustainability

Ecogames: Playful Perspectives on the Climate Crisis

Ecogames: Playful Perspectives on the Climate Crisis brings together authors who explore the aspects of ecocritical engagement in and through games.

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22-01-2024 // Books // Criticism and Analysis, Games and Sustainability