Meet the Makers: Daniela Tenenbaum and “In Touch”

Our colleagues from the Transmission in Motion hybrid research community are organizing another Meet the Makers session, this time focusing on the IMPACT exhibition In Touch. It’s an exhibition which should be interesting for those exploring the potential of playful media.

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13-05-2024 // Events, News // Extended Realities (AR/VR/XR), Games Beyond Entertainment

Franchise Hacking – Magic: the Gathering

'Franchise hacking’ within Magic: The Gathering (MtG) means to creatively alter game elements to embed urgent real-world ecological narratives into the game’s design.

drs. Timo Fluitsma
19-04-2024 // Insights // Games and Sustainability, Games Beyond Entertainment, Social Games and Play

Enhancing Effective Media and Digital Literacy through Digital Games – a Report

How we can improve media literacy skills through the use of digital games?

dr. René Glas, dr. Jasper van Vught
14-12-2023 // News, Publications // Criticism and Analysis, Games Beyond Entertainment

PhD Project: The Becoming-Playful of Warfare in the Netherlands

This PhD research project seeks to understand and explain this ongoing logistical process by mapping out the Dutch ‘military-academic-entertainment complex’ and the nature of its relationship to the ludification of warfare in the Netherlands.

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01-09-2021 // Insights, News // Game Technology and AI, Games Beyond Entertainment

The Playful Citizen. Civic Engagement in a Mediatized Culture

The Playful Citizen edited volume explores how and through what media we are becoming more playful as citizens and how this manifests itself in our ways of doing, living, and thinking.

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10-01-2019 // Books // Criticism and Analysis, Games Beyond Entertainment
Screenshot from DietCare

DietCare: the value of game elements

What if keeping track of your food and fluids intake feels like playing a game rather than paperwork?

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01-03-2018 // News // Games Beyond Entertainment
Group of friends playing augmented reality game with mobile phones in park

Healthy urban life

The success of Niantic's Pokémon GO shows the many possibilities mobile games offer to reach a big audience and 'play' with the way you use a city.

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01-03-2018 // Insights // Extended Realities (AR/VR/XR), Games Beyond Entertainment
Jan Willem Huisman, founder and CEO of IJSfontein

Health games symposium

This symposium brought together experts in the fields of game design and development, psychology, neuroscience, physiotherapy, and data and computer science.

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01-03-2018 // Events // Games Beyond Entertainment
Exercise game to reduce the risk of falling

Exercise game to reduce the risk of falling

To reduce the falling risk, researchers developed a fun and motivating exercise game for the elderly.

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28-02-2018 // Insights // Games Beyond Entertainment
The interactive wall right after being assembled.

Personalised interactive wall for elderly with dementia

People suffering from dementia often feel confused and depressed. Some of them also display wandering behaviour. We build an interactive wall for people suf­fering from dementia.

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28-02-2018 // News // Games Beyond Entertainment