Meet the Makers: Daniela Tenenbaum and “In Touch”

Our colleagues from the Transmission in Motion hybrid research community are organizing their final Meet the Makers session before the summer on May 16, this time focusing on researcher/curator Daniela Tenenbaum and the IMPACT exhibition In Touch – How to Connect in the Age of Digital Humanity? It’s an exhibition which should be interesting for those exploring the potential of playful media:

Through immersive and playful works, In Touch reflects on the ways technology supports and interferes with forming connections with ourselves, other humans, our surroundings, and other species: from returning to nature through technology and creating connections through mediated worlds, to using technology to gain more insights into our relationships.

From the event description:

Daniela Tenenbaum is an Amsterdam-based researcher and curator. She works as a curator and programme coordinator at IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] and has previously worked at the Netherlands Film Festival and the Research Centre for Material Culture. Her research focuses on the intersection of societal engagement and cultural work and the complex histories and futures of Western cultural institutions. Tenenbaum completed her BA in art history and communication at the Freie Universität, Berlin and received her MA from Utrecht University in Arts and Society in 2020.

During the tour of the exhibition, Tenenbaum will expand on the presented works and the theme of the exhibition and reflect on how curation and exhibition-making produce knowledge.

Meet the Makers will cover the entrance fee to IMPAKT. Please RSVP via or online registration.